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US-6427771-B1: Vehicle air conditioner and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-6504686-B1: Thin-film magnetic head including a non-magnetic layer for reducing noise in a reproducing head, and method of manufacturing same patent, US-6511827-B1: Nucleotide encoding human galanin receptor 3 (GALR3) patent, US-6525390-B2: MIS semiconductor device with low on resistance and high breakdown voltage patent, US-4028775-A: Apparatus for inserting a sizing disc into a tubular casing patent, US-4168483-A: System for detecting substructure microfractures and method therefor patent, US-4189454-A: Vacuum motor for carburetors patent, US-4233803-A: Adjustable conditioning plate for an impeller mower-conditioner patent, US-4293072-A: Stackable equipment containers patent, US-4446830-A: Method of operating an engine with a high heat of vaporization fuel patent, US-4475290-A: Flexible tank gauge patent, US-4546768-A: Inhalation apparatus for animals patent, US-4573936-A: Driving toy patent, US-4745677-A: Method of making an electromagnetic induction apparatus patent, US-4817377-A: Head end control and steering system: using a forward end maneuvering gas generator patent, US-4931095-A: Benzoate inks patent, US-4954019-A: Method and apparatus for lining a canal patent, US-4964289-A: Process and device for regulating the flatness of a cold rolled metal strip patent, US-5014324-A: MICR character reader using magnetic peaks to update timing clocks patent, US-5181441-A: Method for synchronously interlocking feed axes of a lathe patent, US-5362751-A: Tracheobronchodilator using 16-substituted PGEs patent, US-5422682-A: Configurable channel selecting apparatus with channel increasing key patent, US-5523520-A: Mutant dwarfism gene of petunia patent, US-5590875-A: Baseball bat patent, US-5615796-A: Container for hot food patent, US-5625082-A: 2-aryl-5-(trifluoromethyl)-2-pyrroline compounds useful in the manufacture of insecticidal, nematocidal and acaricidal arylpyrroles patent, US-5710241-A: Monoanhydride compounds, method of making same and reaction products thereof patent, US-5749620-A: Tailgate assembly for open top load carrying container patent, US-5828963-A: Selecting radio frequency channels for reuse in micro-cellular radio communications systems patent, US-5853210-A: Pen and instrument holder for physically impaired hands patent, US-5952147-A: Portal verification radiographic element and method of imaging patent, US-6027654-A: Photocatalytic process for purifying water polluted by tetrahydrothiophene patent, US-6036797-A: Process of producing IC cards patent, US-6081924-A: Weighted training vest patent, US-6092656-A: Wrench socket holder with locking member patent, US-6108652-A: Multicast probability-base grouping of nodes in switched network for improved broadcast search patent, US-6604722-B1: Display support patent, US-6615618-B2: Knitted fabric patent, US-3711352-A: Flute sealing method patent, US-3791759-A: Turbine pressure attenuation plenum chambers patent, US-3828782-A: Temporary colostomy tube patent, US-3882059-A: Method of making ceramic capacitor patent, US-4003317-A: Resiliently centered railway truck suspension patent, US-4052206-A: Electrophotography patent, US-4457479-A: Winglets for aircraft wing tips patent, US-4482332-A: Arrangement for mounting and steering an outboard motor patent, US-4490353-A: Antiplaque dentifrice with improved fluoride stability patent, US-4639146-A: Thrust bearing patent, US-4686521-A: Display apparatus with mixed alphanumeric and graphic image patent, US-4744840-A: Method for sealing controlled-atmosphere storage room patent, US-4753134-A: Downshift timing and engine brake control for automatic transmission patent, US-4846141-A: Bow sight patent, US-4955094-A: Head-board recliner using the only one hinge patent, US-4984427-A: Control circuit for hydraulic actuator patent, US-5041065-A: Viscous shear couplings and plates therefor patent, US-5108191-A: Method and apparatus for determining Curie temperatures of ferromagnetic materials patent, US-5131581-A: Mash seam weld sheet splicer patent, US-5137922-A: Method for inhibiting and treating infection caused by influenza virus patent, US-5162672-A: Data processor having an output terminal with selectable output impedances patent, US-5407002-A: Multiple-zone air circulation control system patent, US-5519084-A: Redispersible acrylic polymer powder for cementitious compositions patent, US-5549838-A: Hydraulic working oil composition for buffers patent, US-5584195-A: Wrist writing instrument patent, US-5615507-A: Fire control mechanism for a firearm patent, US-5699526-A: Ordering and downloading resources from computerized repositories patent, US-5754531-A: Communication control method and communication apparatus patent, US-5921453-A: Paper feeding apparatus in web threading apparatus patent, US-6009381-A: Remote control measuring system patent, US-6023203-A: RF test fixture for adaptive-antenna radio systems patent, US-6040885-A: Liquid crystal display with three domains wherein molecules in the third domain are substantially vertically aligned regardless of voltage application patent, US-6065781-A: Method and apparatus for protecting the weld area of polyolefin coated pipe patent, US-6070256-A: Method and apparatus for self-testing multi-port RAMs patent, US-6109774-A: Drawer operating system patent, US-6223859-B1: Lubricant feeding system for shaft and hub profile assemblies with axial longitudinal displacement capacity patent, US-6431447-B1: System and method for reading a barcode using laser diode array patent, US-6563071-B2: Method and apparatus for electrical discharge machining with multiple workstations patent, US-6581052-B1: Test generator for database management systems patent, US-6617927-B2: High frequency power amplifier module, and wireless communications system patent, US-6632914-B2: Polyfunctional polyisocyanate polyadducts patent, US-3726473-A: System for heating or air conditioning patent, US-3948406-A: Storage tanks, particularly for liquified gases patent, US-4298575-A: Pipetting and dosing device patent, US-4544801-A: Circuit board including multiple wire photosensitive adhesive patent, US-4596091-A: Grinding machine for forming the edge of an ophthalmic lens patent, US-4638812-A: Exhalation flow meter patent, US-4664694-A: Substituted thiazolidinones useful as plant growth regulators patent, US-4719275-A: Heat stable fluorinated polyorganosiloxane compositions patent, US-4811270-A: Merged CCD/MOS integrated circuit patent, US-4984111-A: Magnetic tape recorder with capstan cassette transport patent, US-5052770-A: Optical device for the processing of an optical wave, its fabrication method and a frequency doubler patent, US-5163544-A: Feed fork apparatus for large round baler patent, US-5218469-A: Electrooptic TIR light modulator image bar having illumination conditions for optimizing spatial frequency response patent, US-5454699-A: Wobble pump patent, US-5499368-A: Scaled depiction of information from a database patent, US-5512198-A: Lubricating compositions comprising fluoroalkane refrigerant, an ester and/or polyglycol oil, and an inorganic boron compound patent, US-5534849-A: Time multiplexed, false alarm resistant magnetically actuated security system patent, US-5656959-A: Clock synthesizer dual function pin system and method therefor patent, US-5922581-A: Process for the production of d-biotin patent, US-5985562-A: Method of detecting thrombotic disease risk associated with plasma carboxypeptidase B polymorphisms patent, US-6189431-B1: Small caliber gun barrel patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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